Istanbul Mortgages were very helpful and reassuring during he process, as they fielded most of the issues, acting in my best interest at all times. The mortgage process in Turkey has not been without its problems, so the service was invaluable.


up to 60%

of current value - CASH for any purpose!

Got a Costly Mortgage?


up to 90%

of current value. You keep any surplus cash!

Mortgages and Fees


We want to get you a fast and easy mortgage for your Turkish Property.

Istanbul Mortgages will do most of the hard work for you in applying for an overseas mortgage.

Application process:

You can call us for a free assessment of your general circumstances over the phone.

Once we accept you in-principal, we will email you an Application form with instructions and ask you to :

Send us the list of required documents by email.

Pay our Processing fee and valuation fee of £950. Once the Bank’s CREDIT COMMITTEE has accepted your full application, it will authorize an independent valuation of the property,

The Bank will only be able to make a formal offer to you once the valuation is in, and the loan amount can be determined.

Should you wish to withdraw your application - or if the Bank discovers you have made a false declaration, no fees will be refundable.


Your formal acceptance of these terms will commence once you send us your confidential documents (proof of income etc) which we will use to compile your formal application.

Our Bank details are:

HSBC Bank,

Kingston, Surrey, UK

Account Name: UPPI Mortgages

Account number:22086506

Branch sort Code: 40-26-12

IBAN NUMBER: GB85MIDL40261222086506

Swift: MIDLGB22


The formal Bank offer will then be sent by Istanbul Mortgages to your UK address for signing in the presence of a Notary. You would then return this to our London office for forward transmission to the Bank, and then the monies can be paid to the seller. This arrangement would take place in the Title Office in Istanbul, in the presence of yourself or your representative, the Bank’s lawyers and the seller.


Istanbul Mortgages offers loans up to 80% of the current value of the Turkish property. The value will be determined by a Bank appointed official valuation company in Turkey.

Our mortgages can be used by individuals (not companies) to buy any kind of new, resale or historic residential property in the most popular areas of Turkey.

We offer Variable rates and fixed-rate periods (1/ 3 or 5 year fixed terms with roll-overs). All our mortgages are Repayment Mortgages - capital and interest payments monthly. With the last payment, the loan will have been totally repaid.

There are no INTEREST-ONLY mortgages.

Loans and repayments will be in Sterling

Our loans are up to 15 years (small loans would be restricted to 10 years). Should you wish to pay off a loan early, a 2% charge of the remaining balance would be applicable. You may - of course - sell your property at any time and repay the loan from the proceeds.

The security for the loan would be on your Turkish property only.

If you need further information, please call us on : 0208 432 4773